Guidelines For Successful Music Lessons


A good working musical instrument

You or your child needs a musical instrument that is in good working order. The student will be discouraged if their instrument doesn’t work or doesn’t fit them as in the case of the guitar, or is out of tune.

Pianos should be in good working order and tuned at least once each year.

Digital keyboards and electronic keyboards should be equipped with a chair or bench of the proper height for the student and have a sustain pedal .

Guitars should be in good working order. Make sure that the guitar is the right size for the student. A guitar tunner is recommended for each student.

Your instrument should be in a setting that is free of distractions (TV, siblings, etc.)


Daily Practice

The old adage “Practice makes perfect” is very true with music lessons.

Daily practice is a requirement of the teachers at New Dimension

Your weekly music lesson will be much more enjoyable if you have practiced daily the assignment that your teacher gives you.

Music skills are learned by repetition. This is why daily practice is important.

Arrange a set time every day to practice your instrument.

Remember, you can’t “cram” for a music lesson!


The day of your music lesson

Arrive on time!

Plan to arrive not more than 5 minutes early and please pick up your student on time. The studio cannot be responsible for watching out for students who arrive more than five minutes early or who are picked up late.

Make sure that you bring your instrument (guitar) and your music books and other material to your lesson!

Clip your nails before you come to your lesson and wash your hands before you use the pianos.

Do not come to you lesson if you are ill! If you have a cough, running nose, or are feeling otherwise ill please call and cancel your lesson. Germs spread quickly in the studio especially on the pianos.