Student Gatherings

The ‘Gatherings’ are  a chance for the students to perform pieces they have worked on and get together with other students for a fun time.  Each gathering has a theme such as ‘note reading bee’ , “rhythm fun”, “Christmas Pizza Party”.

Parlor Recital

The ‘Parlor Recitals’ are small intimate recitals held in private homes for the students and their family.  The students are invited by the teacher to perform music they have perfected and memorized.  The students are required to research and learn about the composer of their piece of music and give a small presentation at the recital.  These recitals will be held throughout the year and hopefully all students will get a chance to perform in one of these recitals.

Recital in the Backyard piano recital

The annual ‘Recital in the Backyard’ is held each year at the end of July .  The students  perform on a stage set up in the back yard at New Dimensions.  Families and friends come with blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy music by the students in the evening in a beautiful backyard setting.

Students are encouraged to perform their music  in front of others as often as they can.  Many of our students are hired to play for weddings, funerals, dinner parties, etc  and many play for their churchs on a regular basis.