Studio Policy


Based on twelve months of lessons. Payment is due at the first lesson of each month. Make checks payable to New Dimensions Music Studio



* Throughout the year we will buy music for you or your child and you will be charged accordingly.



We encourage our students to continue taking lessons all through the summer months (June – August). You must take at least 8 lessons during the summer months to keep your place in the fall. If you decide to take only 8 lessons, payment for all 8 lessons will be due on the first of June. We will work on scheduling in May.



Regular attendance at lessons is essential for the student’s success. Lessons missed will not be deducted from the monthly tuition. Missed lessons may be made up only if time is available. Lessons missed by the teacher will always be made up. If you wish to cancel a lesson, please call 453-8835 before noon the day of the lesson.

If it becomes necessary to cancel lessons, a written four (4) week notice must be given. If notice is not given, the next 4 lessons will be billed to you.